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The most disappointing game for players

The 2002 game masterpiece can be described as “Stars Gathering”.

I wanted to launch a “TOP10”, but I was suffering from not having a suitable evaluation scale, and I was afraid that no one would be convinced of subjective feelings.

I had no choice but to launch a big reward.

I would like to review the most representative of these many games

“Monopoly Six” game type: puzzle/3D

Game Development: Daewoo Information Softstar Technology Game Release: Universe Star

The so-called “milfs” has a special charm, and it should be more appropriate to describe her.

Through the thick powdery air, all we can see is the pale face.

Relying on the old games, familiar characters, endless cards, repeated gameplay, etc., have already made hardcore players lose their confidence.

Daewoo’s “Monopoly” series can be regarded as its longest-lived works.

Up to now, it has been launched for six generations.

In fact, the previous “Monopoly IV” has already achieved this kind of game.

People make a good cup of tea, drink tea and chat while playing Monopoly.

People are looking for a warm and peaceful atmosphere, and the intense and exciting real-time mode of “Monopoly 5” is out of fashion.

The real-time “Monopoly 5” makes it unacceptable for many players.

The previously relaxed gameplay has become tense, because you must always beware that your computer opponents will not harm you and overtake you.

Therefore, many players who have always supported the “Monopoly” series gave up “Monopoly V.”

“Monopoly VI” uses a full 3D picture, the character has a strong texture, and the 3D effect is outstanding.

Many three-dimensional buildings have a strong ethnic color.

You can use the mouse to move the picture up, down, left, and right, and you can also pull Zoom in and zoom out, zoom in and out at will.

But this exquisite picture does not know whether it is progress or astray.

I don’t know if 3D is the end of the tabletop game.

The 3D of “Empire of Angels” has disappointed many players, so does the 3D of “Monopoly VI” also disappoint the players?

Now many players may only say: “God, please give me a good graphics card!”

“Monopoly VI” has no problems in itself.

It is still a good Monopoly game with exquisite graphics, but underneath the beautiful appearance is the serious lack of innovation in the game.

The playground and shooting games are still the same.

Upgrading houses is still the old method and the old way, without much change.

It can be said that the essence of the “Monopoly game” has been explored by Daewoo, and going deeper can only be a repetition in disguise.

Perhaps the most important thing players want to say is: “Don’t launch seven generations in 2 years!” 

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