Asiya, A Woman In Muslim History

Asiya, A Great Figure In The Quran.

Asiya, the adopted mother of Moses, and wife to the pharaoh is well known for her outstanding deeds in Muslim history. She took Moses into her house and raised him, and rescued him from death. She also played an important part in his life while he grew up in a household of non-believers while The Lord watched over him.

Asiya, And Her Devotion To God.

During the time of the late Medinan period, Asiyah showed her allegiance by disavowing her husband and praying to God to have her house in paradise and to protect her from her husband’s evil ways, as well as from those who are evil.

One Of The Four “Ladies Of Heaven.”

Asiyah, for her deeds, has been deemed as one of the “Ladies Of Heaven”, which includes: Mary, the mother of Jesus The Christ, Khadija, the wife of Muhammad, and Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad. She was married to the pharaoh in a sacrifice for her people, but she never consummated her marriage with her husband, the pharaoh.

Asiya’s Ultimate Sacrifice To The World

She made several sacrifices in her life to bring good to the world and to devote herself to God. Because his evil showed no boundaries, her husband the pharaoh set out to kill all of the believers that were in the palace. Asiya dead when she made the decision to assist in avenging their deaths and died as a martyr for her people.

Honored By Muslims

Asiya is considered to be one of the “Celestial Wives.” She holds the same honor as other famous women who were the earthly wives of The Prophet and with Mary as well. She is revered by the Islamic faith for being faithful to God, even against her own husband who rebelled against God.