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HP ENVY 15-3040NR 15.6 Inch Laptop Review, Specs, Price

In my opinion, if that no be too strong a word the design of the Envy 15 supersedes than any other laptop both in the terms of robustness as well as aesthetics, is best for rocket league boosting. I was initially seriously thinking of buying the Samsung Series 7 which has more or less the same features as the Envy at a somewhat lower price but after comparing them personally, the Samsung seemed to don’t have the quintessential “je ne sais quoi” that I was seeking for. The design, as I felt, was somewhat inferior and the screen looked like there is lacking the precision and quality of Envy. Also I tried looking at the HP dv6t quad edition, which was significantly cheaper than both of them and I to be honest would have even gone with it however the quality of the Envy and superior build actually won me over.

As per the concerns voiced by other reviewers I was well aware of the orange-red issue that is present on the Envy and had somewhat made my peace with the issue even before the laptop reached my doorstep.

I had perceived that the 1080p resolution and the display’s superior quality would take my attention off this weakness and I was gladly proven right. The problem is most noticeable when you are aware it exists and are actually trying to find it, however to be honest it was not as bad as I had imagined it to be. If looking for extremely accurate color reproduction then I admit that the color may disappoint but then the general performance of the laptop dispels any qualms. In fact I have received so comments about how incredible the display looks and with the passage of time so have my concerns about and display. However though the pure reds do look red if there is nothing to do a comparison with, my brain, does perceive it to be just as good. There are discusses HP soon to provide a calibration tool to fix the problem, however according to me and I do hope I’m wrong that there are limitation to the color scope in the Envy gamut so I really don’t think that much improvements can be made.

The keyboard is pretty good though there seems to be some problems with its left flex, again not noticeable unless really looking for it.

However the stock touchpad drivers are terrible. Luckily enough I was aware of this issue and were able to quickly upgrade its drivers from a laptop review forum and now all was good. The Multitouch gestures are perfect though not at a level with MacBook Pro’s. My only qualms are from that of the touch pad, even though the entire space is clickable but the click button takes effort, which I must admit was a bit disappointing. I have done some light gaming on it, and I assure you the old titles do well, I suppose the newer ones wouldn’t function very well, but with the Radeon 7690m they should most certainly be at least playable. Beats audio is not just some gimmick but then I’ve never been much concerned with the laptop speakers, however their efforts are commendable. In conclusion, I would highly recommend the HP Envy 15 for your needs, since this notebook looks like it was designed to last and its sufficient horsepower may even prove that right. Though there are machines that might be much cheaper but for lack of better words let me just say that the notebook can be called a poor man’s MacBook. The quality is almost at par with the MacBook and you do pay for the looks of it however at $1150, it thinks it to be a worthwhile investment.

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