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Games And Times That Brings Memories

Today we will go back in the past.

Somehow, I don’t know why but the fact is that very often we go back in time with our thoughts, brining back those beautiful memories, right?

Why is this like that, I can’t tell certainty 100% but we certainly as people, globally, we have somehow lived better in every way.

Somehow everything was better, starting from us as people, there was not so much stress, people didn’t bump their heads on various “smartphones”.

We hung out a lot more and therefore games were better somehow, various lists, just remember all those games and lists, check out the game tier list, ah those times…

At least for us a little older, game were really something special back in days, games that we will talk about…


Well, let’s get started…

“Command & Conquer Renegade” (Command & Conquer Renegade) game type:

First-Person (FP) shooter development company: Westwood Studios publishing company: Electronic Arts!

“Command and Conquer: The Renegade” is a classic and mediocre game that reminds players of the fond memories of fighting C&C all night.

Say it is classic: If C&C opened up a new era of RTS, and now the defectors have taken this classic to a new level, or this is not even an FPS, it has so many innovations…

Say it is mediocre: If there was no C&C ever The splendor, then I am afraid it has been thrown into a forgotten corner…

Westwood’s reputation has been wiped out after the launch of C&C2 and expansion, so the defectors have become their life-saving straw.

The familiar buildings and weapons in the game satisfy those players who revisit with a nostalgic mentality.

They can look at the exterior walls of the buildings that were touched by them so close, and experience them from the first or third perspective.

The concrete structure inside a building that looks so tiny on the screen.

If there is no previous glory of C&C, then this game might have been thrown into a forgotten corner.

However, it is a descendant of C&C, and it is destined to attract the attention of many players.

Let’s play, let’s play, don’t act as a picky player, but as an overcomer.

What we want is just a commemoration of the past life, not a real game.

As a work in the “Command and Conquer” series, the plot will naturally not deviate from the original.

But the player no longer controls the entire army, but only plays one of the roles.

This role can use various weapons, including driving tanks or other combat weapons.

“The Renegade” is very different from the two World War II FPS games “Medal of Honor” and “Return to the German Army Headquarters”.

The first two are based on the weapons of World War II as the original model, while the weapons in “The Renegade” are completely free.

Imagine play, so the popularity of the first two can not be compared with “The Renegade”.

When you are driving a mammoth tank to cover your own weakly armored but powerful multiple rocket vehicle bombing the enemy’s base on high ground.

When the two tanks are fighting for a mining area, when your tank is destroyed, do the last when you put the C4 bomb on the enemy tank that is crushing you.

When you use your life to cover a comrade in the enemy building and turn off the power of the building to disable it, the effect of this team battle is definitely not “Delta” Comparable with “Counter Strike”.

This is a war!

The most satisfying sports game for fans

“World Cup 2002” (FIFA 2002 World Cup) Game Type: Football Competitive Game Development: EA SPORTS Game Release: EA SPORTS

Every year the World Cup is held, EA will launch a football game that is very consistent with the actual situation of this World Cup.

For us fans, the year’s World Cup in South Korea happen, it was more exciting than any previous World Cup matches because China has also rushed into the World Cup.

In the same time, that means a lot for a football/soccer in general!

“FIFA 2002 World Cup” this game completely simulates the actual situation of the real World Cup football match.

For example, Chinese players experience more happiness and get more fun in the game than foreign players.

In the game, every player can once again sing the World Cup song that belongs to football and fans, and lead the Chinese team to win the Hercules Cup!

Realize your football dream!

In “FIFA 2002 World Cup”, players can find a high degree of satisfaction.

Different stadiums are modeled according to real competition venues and made realistic.

In the game, the replay of red and yellow cards or goals is even more exciting than live TV!

The opening animation is very imposing, and the game’s music and sound effects are very appealing.

There is a feeling of facing the battle of the century in the game.

Which can be fully reflected in the 12-yard mode, making the game full of the World Cup atmosphere.

The appearance of the players is also significantly different from the previous ones.

The appearance of the players is more realistic, especially those football stars who are familiar with them.

And they can know their identity from their appearance alone.

And in the “FIFA 2002 World Cup” game, EA gave star players from various countries with super power attribute values and some special skills.

The player’s movements are very delicate, intercepted.

Rescued from the border and other actions are very pleasing to the eye.

The shooting and passing of star players with very track are refreshing.

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