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11 Tips to Build a Social Media Presence

Build your social media presence by following these 11 easy steps.

You can then use the platform to promote yourself and your business, sell products or services, attract customers, drive traffic to your website, and much more.

11 tips to build a social media presence

Social Media Marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years with the rise of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…

But what are Social Media websites?
Glad you asked! A Social Media website allows Users (you & me) to create profiles where they post status updates, photos, or videos which can be commented on by others.

These sites are also used for advertising due to their large user base and a huge variety of features.

Now that we have defined what Social Media is, let’s see 11 easy steps to build your social media presence.

#1 Set up accounts on all the major social media sites.

I would recommend setting up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin for starters.

You can set these up here:

#2 Create a profile pic for each of the profiles that represent you or your business in some way

Popular sources for profile pics are Flickr and Wikicommons where you can find free images that are usable by anyone.

Searching “Free To Use Profile Picture” should point you in the right direction.

The great thing about using Flickr is the ability to apply Creative Commons licenses to your images which allows them to be shared without any restrictions (so long as they are attributed back to the creator).

#3 Add at least 2 interests to each of your profiles

If your profile doesn’t have enough likes, it will look unprofessional.

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So you should add more than just one or two interests to each of your profiles.

Here is a list of common categories that people choose for their interests on Facebook:

#4 Follow some relevant companies and individuals on Twitter

When you follow other accounts on Twitter, they will start following you back if they find you interesting!

Make sure you find people relevant to your niche or industry & don’t follow too many- around 200 is good enough (but no more than 500 so as not to annoy users).

#5 Add some titles to the images that are posted with relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the words that users put in front of a post on Twitter so that other people can easily find their posts.

For example, If I wanted to post a picture of raspberries with a popular hashtag related to food or fruit, then I would write “I’ve been eating these #Raspberries all morning” and if someone else searches for #Raspberries, they will see my post!

The same goes for Instagram.

Popular hashtags include:

#6 Add some text

Don’t forget to add some text to your Instagram photos as not everyone has an account so they won’t be able to like or comment on your pictures (text allows them to do this!)

Be sure to write something like “Just chilling at home” or “Loving the sunshine today” so that people understand what your photo is about & can comment on it.

#7 Use apps to schedule posts.

These are great for reposting other people’s content or sharing updates with all of your accounts at once.

I use which has a free plan available or you can try which is similar but costs money (you must be signed in with Facebook, Twitter & Gmail to sign up).

#8 Share pictures that are relevant to your niche/ industry.

You should always aim to post interesting, informative, or funny pictures- never spam others by sharing affiliate links without their permission or use prohibited hashtags (either of these can get you banned from a site and should be avoided at all costs).

If you want to share something, make sure it’s relevant!

Check out Pinterest for ideas.

#9 Don’t forget the humans!

People like reading other people’s opinions & experiences, especially when they are relevant.

So be sure to mention or quote people in your posts rather than just writing everything yourself.

It’ll make your content more interesting & engaging!

#10 Comment on other posts, blogs, etc…

Commenting is a great way to build friendships with others & to get them interested in what you have to say/ promote your own content/ business.

Also making friends will help grow your social media presence via Share buttons.

However, I would not recommend being too spammy & only commenting on everything you see.

If you are adding value to conversations then by all means keep posting!

However, I find that if you comment more than twice on the same post, it can be deemed as spam so don’t overdo it!

I have created a checklist of things to do on my desktop using Evernote so that I am reminded each day of what’s left to do for social media (& other blog-related activities) so I don’t forget anything!

#11 Keep reposting content relevant to your niche/ industry

Finally, this is an easy way to stand out from others & build some great relationships with people in your niche.

You can either share your own content with your social media accounts or if you have some time, try reposting other people’s work on all of your accounts by simply searching for hashtags related to this topic & re-posting the ones that are interesting.

Be sure to comment!

Don’t forget to download my checklist so you can be reminded daily to do things online which will increase your presence.

Download 11 tips checklist template If you’ve got any questions about how I use these different sites then please just leave them in the comments section below & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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